Ophelia Fanny Hole b.1859

Now, I feel as though I’m picking on poor Ophelia here, as there are so many straight up “Fanny Hole”s (‘scuse the pun) in the Birth index that it would have been difficult to pick just one. So many in fact, that I can only assume Fanny did not pick up it’s current connotations until the turn of the last century. But, Ophelia was born in Bristol, and Ophelia in  a Bristolian accent becomes ‘O Feel yer’…

In fact, she was born in Lower Gay street, not a very pretty street now, by all means: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=lower+gay+street,+bristol&hl=en&ll=51.462163,-2.591894&spn=0.007259,0.021136&hnear=Lower+Gay+St,+United+Kingdom&gl=uk&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.461978,-2.591553&panoid=2s5V_qE_60YlqI0EFjlFUQ&cbp=12,296.86,,0,2.28

She was also named for her Father’s Sister, who only began to use the Ophelia part of her name on record after she was married, 2 years after her niece was born. Perhaps she rediscovered a love for the name, for, as pretty as it sounds, not everyone wants to be associated with a character like Shakespeare’s Ophelia.

As for parentage, well, the first Ophelia’s father was a plumber, so I suppose you could say she was lucky not to be called ‘Sink’, and after some of the names I’ve seen, she really is lucky. The second Ophelia’s father was a Painter, soon ‘master painter’ employing 4 men, I wonder if he ever painted Ophelia as her Shakesperean namesake…?

My Ophelia (I say my, but she was actually found by a fellow rootschat forum user) died at age 15. One of her sister’s died too, so I can only assume it was an illness that the family caught, or perhaps there was lead in all that paint… Either way, it was a short life, which is always sad to hear about.

Her aunt however, married a Gardener named William Kingman, and had 3 children with him, 2 boys named for him and their fathers, and one girl, not named for her mother, and she went on to outlive her husband by just over 30 years.

All in all rather respectable, normal lives, if not terribly remarkable ones in the scheme of things!


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